CascadiaCast Episode 8: Hunter Bevis

This episode of CascadiaCast is uniquely co-hosted with Hunter Bevis, my older brother and producer of the aviation podcast Time In Flight. By coincidence, for both of our podcasts this is episode eight!

Hunter spent his formative years in North Bend, Washington and now resides in Pasadena, Maryland. He recently made a career change from consulting to flight instructing. We both recently acquired our commercial drone pilot licenses, leading to a great discussion on why I chose this route to expand my skill set. We also talk about recent changes in the unmanned aircraft industry and the regulatory environment. We cover drone applications for urban planning, potential safety and sky clutter impacts as drones become more widespread, and the relationship with manned aircraft.

We also touch on my own passion project of lidding I-5 and Hunter’s perspective on how rapidly cities are changing and facing affordability crises.

Visit the Time in Flight website and Instagram page for more on the world of aviation and Hunter’s daily adventures of in the life of a flight instructor.

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2 Responses to CascadiaCast Episode 8: Hunter Bevis

  1. says:

    Awesome podcast guys!! Cool that you could intertwine flying with urban planning..very clever! I liked the music too! dad

  2. Colette Fuller says:

    Amazing work gentleman! Leave it to me to stumble on this podcast today. Slow but sure. What strikes me is that the ideas you discuss in 2018 are most timely today in 2021. Maybe it is time for an Update cast? Keep changing the world-we are counting on it! Colette

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