DSCN1514I am a practicing planner and urban designer with a passion for sustainable and efficient cities. With degrees in architecture and urban planning, my many interests include public space and street design, transit systems, pedestrian and bicycle planning, local politics, and natural resource protection. I advocate for a variety of progressive land use and transportation solutions that will strengthen cities for 21st century challenges.

I began the blog in August 2013 to express commentary on a range of planning topics, but it has gradually become a place for information on current events, in-depth analysis of local issues, and my own project proposals. Here you’ll find news and discussion on the planning and design challenges that face Seattle, the Pacific Northwest, and beyond. You’re encouraged to join in by commenting on articles, subscribing to updates, or getting in touch with me.

I am a writer, an interested citizen, and an opinionated professional. I am not a journalist or a reporter. My writing is not always totally objective. However, I always strive to present accurate information and use publicly available data to support my arguments. Curious readers will enjoy the many links to outside sources.

The blog has an average of 2,300 visitors per month, with the most viewed post being the original “Let’s Bury I-5”. I occasionally crosspost relevant entries to The Urbanist, a Seattle-based group of writers who mostly cover land use, housing, and transportation. Our two sites launched around the same time and the similar names are only a coincidence.